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Lab Services

This is a list of the most common lab tests offered; however, there are many other lab tests available based on your individual needs. Basic lab testing includes standard lab tests that you would also be able to get with your traditional medical doctor. Many of the specialty tests offered are unique to Naturopathic medical care and help with identifying and treating the cause of your condition. 

Conventional Lab Testing:

Complete Blood Count (CBC) and Comprehensive Metabolic Panel

Fasting Lipids (Cholesterol)

Ferritin (Iron)

Vitamin D

Vitamin B12/Folic Acid

Blood Sugar

Thyroid Hormones

Enviornmental Allergy Testing

Specialty Lab Testing:

Adrenal Stress Index Panel by: DiagnosTechs

Food Allergy/Sensitivity Testing by: USBiotek 

Gastrointestinal Health Panel by: DiagnosTechs

Neurotransmitter Testing by: ZRT Laboratory

Hormone Testing by: DiagnosTechs

MicroNutrient Testing (Vitamin/Mineral/Antioxidant Levels) by: SpectraCell

Genetic Testing (ex: MTHFR and COMT) by: 23andMe and StrateGene by Dr. Ben Lynch. For More information about genetic testing, Dr. Oliver recomends the book DIRTY GENES by Dr. Ben Lynch

Lyme Disease Testing by: LabCorp 

Mold Testing by: The Great Plains Laboratory

Toxic & Essential Elements (Heavy Metal Testing): Doctor's Data

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